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Malcolm Turnbull in surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

Malcolm Turnbull in surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

Australia PM visited troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

Malcolm Turnbull Australian Prime Minister toured Afghanistan and Iran to Afghanistan to visit the troops in the region and to assess his country’s military contribution, said Tuesday in an official release.

“The Prime Minister has marked Anzac (the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day with a visit to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq,” the Prime Minister’s office wrote on Twitter with the photographs of Malcolm’s trip.

Turnbull in his two day visit met Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad and President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and James Mattis, US Secretary of Defence in Kabul.

Turnbull said James Mattis that Australia will continue to work alongside with US, NATO and Afghanistan as a part of encouraging the security institutions in that country.

The visit of Australian PM comes after the attack of Taliban on April 21st which caused to the death of 138 soldiers as a result in northern Afghanistan, one of the worst terrorism attack on the country’s army.

For assistance and training tasks in Afghanistan, Australia has deployed 270 members of its armed forces and some 780 in Iraq and Syria to help collaborate in airstrikes.

 Since 2002, 42 soldiers from Australia have died in Afghanistan and two in Iraq.

Turnbull said in a statement that the trip is not an occasion to just celebrate Anzac Day with Australians and New Zealanders those who are serving on the front lines, he also said that was a precious opportunity to assess the progress of the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

New Zealand and Australia commemorated Anzac Day as a remembrance of when the Allied troops landed in Gallipoli during the First World War in Turkey, on April 25, 1915, where about 26,000 of their soldiers were died in combat and many more were injured.

Even though the  Gallipoli campaign was a failure New Zealand and Australia has consider it as an important moment in which both countries have showed their true national spirit and uniting the entire populace in the war effort.

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Malcolm Turnbull in surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan, Iraq
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