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Mahira Khan Finally Revels Leaked Photos with Ranbir Kapoor

Mahira Khan finally decided to break her silence with her leaked photos with Ranbir Kapoor

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In September this year, photos of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan broke the internet. Cigarettes are in their hands, and the two stroll the streets of New York, but their photos make many fans wonder if the two have had a romantic relationship.

The story does not end there. A quick criticism of Mahira wearing a short skirt is also smoking albeit a “woman.” To rescue Mahira is Ranbil Kapp, he even made a public statement, standing on the Pakistani actor. Despite the explosion of the internet, Mahira turned the high road and chose to remain silent.

Now, Mahira finally decided to break her silence at the matter and share how she felt broken and broken after the incident. She said: “If I say I’ll decide not to respond to the argument right away, then I’m lying.” I am a very strong woman, but when all this happened, I totally collapsed. I will consider making a daily statement. Then I will stop because I just do not know what to say.

mahira khan

However, Mahira understands that the criticisms come from. The Raises cast says she knows why people are so disappointed that she likes her Presbyterian and she apologizes nowadays, someone pointed out the photo.

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She said, “Thank God, ‘Power Di Game’ ready to release, and I think it’s the perfect time, so I just took it as a response to the Troll, but to be honest, I know where all the criticism comes from Not from a nasty place, I’m not talking about those trolls, but those who are disappointed to see these photos. This is my Nani or my mamoo will feel the same disappointment. So even now I met to an old lady that she did not like these pictures, I quickly apologized. “

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Mahira Khan Finally Revels Leaked Photos with Ranbir Kapoor
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