Tuesday , March 19 2019

 Magnus Carlsen wins third World Chess Championship

Magnus Carlsen spreads his supremacy over the chess world by thrashing challenger Sergei Karyakin in a tie-break.


Norwegian Magnus Carlsen stretched his supremacy over the chess world by captivating the World Chess Championship for the third successive time, thrashing his Russian challenger Sergei Karyakin in a tie-break. The victory puts Carlsen closer to the eminence of chess experts such as Garry Kasparov, who conquered the game for about 15 years.

Though Karyakin hindered predictions by binding Carlsen in 12 normal rounds, the Norwegian Chess champion shattered him in the final stage of four quick-fire additional games.

The combat for the world chess crown ended up in the intense tie-break on Wednesday after a victory each and nine draws. So the young guys– both aged just about 26 — lead into the chess equivalent of additional time in soccer.

Not like the previous rounds, which persisted an average of 6 hours, the rapid-play guidelines meant the players had about 25 minutes, so every game was completed in an hour.

The enhanced games left a great opportunity for agitated mistakes, and while forecasts were difficult, Carlsen — a king of the blitzkrieg format and world number-one ever since 2010 — had endured favorite.

The Norwegian, who got 26 on Wednesday, has played numerous blitz contests this year, thrashing US grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura in October.

Then he has infrequently shown sparks of losing his cool, as when he banged the door of the press room after downfall in 8th  round, getting a fine of five percent of his prize cash.

Carlsen gained the championship — structured by the International Chess Federation, FIDE — in 2013 and 2014, thrashing Indian Viswanathan Anand. Karyakin, a child genius, who turned out to be the youngest chess grandmaster at 12 years, has recognized Carlsen for years and had slight to lose, with no one  anticipated him to come to the final. “Sergei has awestruck everybody with his obstinacy these last few weeks so he is flawlessly capable of dragging an upset,” said Wesley So, who toured to New York from Minnesota to lookout the clatter.

In a sign of the finale’s importance to Moscow, President Vladimir Putin‘s orator Dimitry Peskov was in New York to grasp the start of head-to-head.

The rivalry primarily offered prize money of 600,000 euros ($637,000) for the winner, and 400,000 euros for the runners, but that was altered to 550,000 and 450,000 euros correspondingly since the battle went into extra time.


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