Wednesday , April 24 2019

Madhu Chopra, Priyanka’s mom to pen book on her

Madhu Chopra wishes to tell her daughter’s story as she sees it best, from a mom’s view.


Priyanka Chopra has upraised the bar to one more level and is a motivation to many people. Despite the fact she has got the world’s care, her proud mom Madhu Chopra wants to inscribe a book about her well-known daughter.

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“I really love to write the book on her afore I forget it all. I have not started employed on it though. It is not a biopic, but her complete life story that is so motivating. It could inspire all those who are trying to find out their way around and don’t have a specific role model to gaze up to,” the doting mother said.

Priyanka is fruitfully managing a career back home as well as in Hollywood and she is the impeccable worldwide icon. “I have limited the clue off Priyanka Chopra, and she appears happy about it completely. When she comes back to India, we will have more discussions,” Madhu said. Fine, we consider it would be a motivating read as she has a big fan following, internationally. We would like to know what it would be named. Any guesstimates?

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