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Madhu Chopra: Priyanka Chopra Loved Playing Pranks in School

Madhu Chopra, a prior Army doctor, she is currently producing movies under their production home, Purple Pebble.

Madhu Chopra, a prior Army doctor, she is currently producing movies under their production home, Purple Pebble.



Madhu Chopra might be better recognized as Priyanka Chopra’s mom, but Dr Madhu Chopra is maximum accomplished herself. A previous Army doctor, she is now producing movies under their production home, Purple Pebble.

Amusingly, most of the movies made underneath their banner are in local languages. “Priyanka Chopra and all of us from PP feel that regional movies need to get perceived internationally. I have volunteered into producing Bhojpuri and Punjabi movies as well,” she said.

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Madhu confesses to getting assistance from Priyanka on a regular basis. “As I am not from this arena, I work beneath Priyanka’s direction. Right from mechanics to creativity, she is very conversant. She has completed enough in her acting profession and feels that she wants to spread her annexes in a diverse direction. As I have no information about revenue and loss, persons have been employed to take care of all the skill matters.”

Evoking about Priyanka’s school days, Madhu Chopra says, “Priyanka was too good at studies. I was always concerned if there would be objections about her. She and her associates were very boyish. She loved putting jokes and playing pranks. However all the teachers esteemed her as she was a bright kid.” She says, “Priyanka has been a meticulous, sincere and bright individual, right from her babyhood days.”

Madhu speaks that Priyanka was very brilliant. “We buoyed her in all her extra-curricular events. Priyanka would also choreograph delightful dance numbers. We are delighted of her.” She said, “Priyanka always tracked moral values. The culture and atmosphere in the Army, it is like that each child learns to esteem their elders even after becoming independent. At house too, we always favor an open conversation on things.”

On the dispute of Pakistani artists working in Indian movies, she says, “All the Pakistani artists took legal authorization and then worked in our movies. Yet, we should try not to cast any Pak artists hereafter. Individuals might feel the same when Priyanka gets to work in Hollywood movies.”


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