Thursday , March 21 2019

Lone wolf attacks likely: MHA issues advisory to states to increase security

Following specific Intelligence inputs nearly 75% of the elite NSG commandos have been kept on standby in key cities


New Delhi: Intelligence agencies have cautioned that failing to get tolerable “logistical support from sleeper cells” terror outfits, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Tayeeba, were at the moment scheduling a major lone wolf attack in the coming few days.

Following specific Intelligence inputs nearly 75% of the elite NSG commandos have been kept on stand-by in key cities, including Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta to deal with any consequence.

The home ministry had in recent times issued a suggestion to all the states to increase security during the festive season. Following the surgical strikes, Intelligence inputs have exposed that terror outfits were getting “more and more desperate” to conduct a major strike in a major city.

Now, sources appealed, further investigations have exposed that these terror organisations were not able to activate and get enough backing from their local sleeper cells due to which execution of a strike by a bigger group was becoming a problem.

Thus, in a new modus operandi they were scheduling to use a lone wolf for the attack. Following a high state of alert and constant pressure by security agencies which even led to the smashing of an ISIS module in South India by NIA, it was becoming difficult for sleeper cells to re-energize themselves, sources added.

“Whenever a bigger terror attack is carried out normally the module comes from outside while the sleeper cells provide local support like providing a safe hideout and info regarding local targets. But since our security agencies were alert after the surgical strikes, the sleeper cells have been forced to lie low forcing a strategic shift in their strategy,” a senior Intelligence officer stated.

In view of the ongoing festive season, Intelligence agencies like the elite NSG have already placed their commandos at “tactical locations” across the country.

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