Saturday , February 16 2019

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft’s board

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman had announced today that he has joined the board of directors at Microsoft.


This trails Microsoft’s $26.2 billion procurement of LinkedIn previous year. When the deal was closed, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said the firm’s day-to-day tasks would “essentially remain untouched,” but he also told a number of parts (like incorporating the firm into Microsoft Outlook and Office products) where the two commercial firms would work simultaneously.

In a recent post, Hoffman said his main job is still as a companion at Greylock, but he has “kept an office next to Jeff Weiner’s at LinkedIn for the past nine years” — so he has remained very tangled. (Formally, he was the chairman of the Ln board.)

As a Microsoft board member, Hoffman said that his emphasis will remain on the firm itself, but also working to aid Microsoft to build more networks in Silicon Valley.

“And succeeding the combination with Microsoft, the professional networking company currently has new resources and technology resources to deploy as it moves forward,” he had written. “Visualize a Cortana-like intelligent associate serving you to determine which third-degree networks make the utmost sense for you to follow. Or LinkedIn Learning courseware that integrates Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality technology for further immersive learning practices.”

Microsoft also termed LinkedIn’s Kevin Scott as its chief technology officer previously this year.

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