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Limited addition 1993 Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale is out

Limited addition 1993 Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale is out

A perfect entry into the limited edition Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale

Make a note, not all the Ferraris are created equal. For all of the multi-million dollar Ferraris that mark the concourse field, as you have got less desirable Ferraris includes the 308 GT4, the Mondial, and the 348 Serie Speciale. Still it had been peak between the lines and now you will run into a few special edition models which are elevated above the banter that maintain healthy market prices.

Petrolicious’ 1993 Ferrari 348ts Serie Speciale.

The exclusive U.S model that has limited to just 100 units, the Serie Speciale is a model even the hardcore fans had forgotten about. Even a person is hard to pic from crowed of 348s. SS package visually has added a revised front bumper, front and rear grille inserts, side rocker panels and a body-colored rear engine decklid. The only cues inside were slightly different leather door panels and F40-style leather seats.

Beneath, each SS has fitted with a less-restrictive exhaust and retuned engine, pushing 3.4-liter V-8’s output up to 312 hp. This slight boost along with a new Pirelli P Zero tires and shorter final drive ratio helps to drop 0-60 mph time from 5.6 to 5.3 seconds.

This particular 348 SS will remain in extraordinary condition, having traveled only 17,429 miles from when is started to roll out of Maranello. Despite of appearances the 348 is unrestored and remains as it left the dealership floor.

Where most Ferrari 348s hovers costs around $45,000 to $65,000 mark as this is very rare Serie Speciale rings in at $145,000. It is not a bargain but it is a very good entry point to the limited edition Ferrari into the market and is sure to appreciate in the future.

Head over to Petrolicious to give this 1993 Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale a look.

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