Wednesday , April 24 2019

Lemon slices in drink may have drastic consequences for your health

The microorganisms found on the lemon slices in a study all have the prospective to cause infectious illnesses.


Washington: That pre-sliced parts of lemon in your cheerful gin or non-alcoholic drink in bars and restaurants may not be the finest thing as these slices might cause contagious diseases at numerous body sites, warns a recent study.

The Journal of Environmental Health had conducted and issued a study that examined how clean lemon slices in bars and restaurants are.

Investigators from New York University’s school of medicine swabbed lemon slices which escorted drinks at 21 diverse restaurants. The unappetizing verdicts exposed nearly 70 percent of the samples formed some kind of microbial development, counting 25 diverse microbial species.

“The microbes observed on the lemon samples in our examination all have the prospective to cause transmittable diseases at several body sites, even if the likelihood was not gritty in this investigation,” the investigators had written.

“Restaurant patrons should be aware that lemon slices added to beverages may include potentially pathogenic microbes,” they added. While the alcohol in your drink may be strong enough to kill these nasties, there is further bad news.

“Individuals are touching the lemon slices in your tumbler, handling it, cutting it, keeping it in a container or a cup, or even a glass; and then gathering up those slices at a well along point in time and dipping them into a drink and placing them on the edge of a glass,” said lead writer Philip Tierno.

“You can simply see how those lemon slices and lemon wedges can be dirtied,” he clarified.


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