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Anil Kumble-Partnership with Kohli is insupportable

Anil Kumble said that it was apparent that the partnership was insupportable, and he consequently believes it is best for him to move on.


London: The discussions between the Team India Captain Virat Kohli and coach Anil Kumble has come when Kumble decided to step down from his designation on Tuesday stating that “the partnership with the captain was insupportable.”

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Whereas BCCI sent a press release thanking Kumble for his involvement with the team and also the cricket board made it transparent that while Cricket Advisory Committee- containing Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar and BCCI   needed Kumble to stay as India coach.

BCCI said, “While the Cricket Advisory Committee had permitted an allowance to his contract as Head Coach but Mr. Anil Kumble has decided not to be continuing as the coach.”

Kumble, who replaced Team India Director Ravi Shastri last year, posted a statement on Twitter following his resignation from the post of head coach on Tuesday.

Kumble has posted a statement regarding his resignation from the position of head coach on Tuesday on Twitter.

Here’s the text of Kumble’s statement:

I am grateful for the confidence vested in me by the CAC, in requesting me to remain as Head Coach. All the achievements of the last one year credits go to the Captain, coaching, entire team and support staff.

Post this induction; yesterday for the first time, I was informed by the BCCI that the Skipper has reservations with my own style and also about my role as Head Coach. Although the BCCI tried to resolve the miscalculations between me and the Captain, it seemed that the coordination was unsupportable, and then I believe it is better for me to move on.

Discipline, Honesty, Professionalism, commitment, diverse views and complementary skills are the main key qualities I bring to the bench. These need to be appreciated for the company to be active. I see the Coach’s role like to ‘holding a mirror’ to drive self-improvement in the team’s attention.

As of these ‘reservations’, I strongly believe it is better I hand over this accountability to whomever the BCCI and CAC believe fit.

Let me repeat that it was an absolute pleasure to be assisted as the Head Coach for the past one year. I acknowledge the BCCI, CAC, CoA and all associated.

I also hope to thank the countless followers of Indian cricket for their sustained support. I will endure a well-wisher of the great cricketing custom of my nation forever.

– Anil Kumble

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