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KTR: Roads are in bad Condition, assures better roads

KTR stated that the rains over the last 7 to 10 days had made life wretched for people traveling on Hyderabad’s roads.


Hyderabad: KTR, Telangana State minister of information technology, municipal administration, and urban development, did not sheen over the poor state of the roads in the state capital, but moreover went out of his way to admit that roads are bad, and confessed that he had been dragged up by his own son for just this.

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At a program attended by industry bigwigs on Tuesday, Intel chief Nivruti Rai, waxed powerful about the renovation of Hyderabad as her last visit 10 years ago. She stated that Hyderabad’s roads are fine-looking, as she herself experienced through her drive from the airport to the spot.

He answered with candour unusual in a politician when he said funnily that some sectors of the audience were looking at each other in incredulity after Ms. Rai’s lavish admiration of Hyderabad’s roads. He stated there are bumpy roads in Hyderabad and he would take her on them if she sought to see them. He stated the rains over the past 7 to 10 days had made life despondent for people roaming on Hyderabad’s roads.

KTR assures better roads

He stated that he knew about the spoiled roads only too well as his convoy travels on the same bumpy bounces daily and not on any raised corridor.

“I know that I am not the utmost popular person in Hyderabad at the instant. I am not going to beat around the wilds, but confess that we have to progress our infrastructure. We have a great way to go. But please tolerate with me. We are trying and we give our best. We will work to get the roads better,” he stated.

He even said that his son was amid those stuck in traffic on this Monday night and had given him an earful!

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