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Kolkata Police answers to #metoo campaign, says ‘be very, very angry’

A distressed Kolkata Police joined #metoo social media campaign contrary to sexual harassment of women


DELHI: A perturbed Kolkata Policeman has joined the #metoo social media campaign in contradiction of sexual harassment of women, by advising them to not just be tough but to also “be very, very angry about the eyeing, jeering, threats, oral and physical abuses” they continuously face in almost each sphere of life.

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The #metoo Twitter/Facebook movement that began on Sunday, in the upshot of revelations around movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s perilous sexual misconduct, has seen ladies respond in the tens of thousands, with frequently horrific stories about misuse they have faced.

That is what “perturbed” Kolkata Police.

“We at Kolkata Police have been distressed by the number of ladies who have shared #metoo. And we also would like to reiterate our initiate and assurance by saying that we hear every single one of you,” said the city’s law in a Facebook post yesterday.

The city’s police guaranteed females that they are not just open and eager to deal with grievances of sexual harassment; they want more females to come to them so action can be taken contrary to the perpetrators.

“We wish you to be strong, we want you to be very, very angry about the eyeing, jeering, dangers, verbal and physical abuses, we are inquiring you to be not afraid and to report to the police each time,” said Kolkata police.

They also assured to be “patient and kind” when hearing from ladies.

“So walk into our police stations whenever you hunger to report sexual harassment, and our officers are there to hear your involvements with patience and kindness and take your grievances,” said Kolkata police.

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