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Kiccha to be perfect heroism!

Exclusive interview with Sandalwood star Kiccha Sudeep, who is gung-ho about his latest flick and his new look!


The heartthrob of millions of fans —  from Singapore, Japan, and several other countries all across the globe, he is certainly one of the Karnataka’s pride — Abhinaya Chakravarthy, fondly Known as Kiccha Sudeep is a true mark of versatility.

The actor, producer, director and singer straddled with many roles with equal passion, apart from being a son, and a good human being. Kiccha, who is roaring loudly, and with composure as Hebbuli, speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle, sharing his views about his most-awaited movie which is undoubtedly the most-talked release this year. He also takes a more practical and prudent posture with respect to the inhumane incident involving the Malayalam actress.
He makes it clear that the film is not about a soldier or a paramilitary commando, nor does it have anything related to war. Kiccha says the movie largely focuses on issues which have remained untouched so far.          “It’s been a journey of all like faith, excitement, hard work, belief and overall, a journey of togetherness with many people involved with the film. There are an element of content which is serious and full of substance, which is the main theme in Hebbuli. The director has portraited it beautifully which makes it even more exciting,” says Sudeep.

“The film deals with the sacrifice of our soldiers to the Country while we feel safe inside the country’s borders, and how the families and loved ones of them are protected as soldiers serve the nation. And, how we make such families feel safe — that is the real essence, beyond the haircut, etc. It certainly raises eyebrows,” Kiccha adds.

The multifaceted filmmaker shares that the level of preparedness for this project has been very high with each and every technician, actor and the young producers — Raghunath and Umapathy have given it their best.

“What is most exciting is that the excitement started from even a layman, has been amazing. I have been a part of several projects in the past that had great expectations riding on them but this one is sort of self-triggered. We certainly cannot bribe everyone to make sure the film retains the hype. Since the beginning, the excitement amongst fans and cinema lovers has not dished for a moment. We had more responsibility to try and reach that level of expectation,” Kiccha reveals.

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Kiccha to be perfect heroism!
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