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Khaidi No. 150 Crew Upset with Ram Charan

Khaidi No.150 technicians are reportedly upset with Mega Power Star Ram Charan.



The crew of Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No.150 is supposedly upset with junior boss Ram Charan. Deceptively, the crew is dissatisfied with the low remunerations remunerated by producer Ram Charan.

As it is Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie, everybody from the movie unit said to have anticipated a good pay. However, it isn’t the case. Bucketing cold water on their hopes, the team were paid less when compared to what they are paid frequently.

Even several actors in the movie were allegedly paid less than their normal remuneration. A group of senior producers are employed as co-producers for the movie to cut the production costs without upsetting the quality of movie.

Director VV Vinayak, who is very close by to Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, has not yet conversed about his pay with them till date. While the rest of the troop have been settled with slight remuneration. If anybody asks about it, they’d be convinced to receive the less pay for this time.

Technicians, who have anticipated a big fat pay cheque for the movie, are left dissatisfied with what they acquired at the end. Moreover, Charan has pocketed about Rs 20 Crore wages by selling off the movie.

Whereas Ram Charan is not in a mood to delay Dhruva, mega fans could not certainly digest the release date. Releasing a picture with good hype and prospects in a dry season is not worthwhile, but appears like Charan is taking this threat for Chiru.
Mega fans are asking Ram Charan to release the picture for Christmas holiday season, which could get some perfect collections. If Dhruva comes out for Christmas season, it runs for just about three weeks afore Sankranti, where Khaidi No 150 comes in to picture.

Thus, Ram Charan is obstinate on releasing Dhruva on 9th December and purchasers won’t oppose to give away Dhruva theaters to Khaidi no 150 after a complete run up to Sankranti. Charan is imperiling his Dhruva collections for Chiranjeevi’s majestic comeback. Fans are still not very contented with Charan’s decision to release a capable movie on bad dates.

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