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Keshava Movie Review


Keshava falls short of anticipations great time. The picture is no match to the content exposed in a theatrical movie trailer. Watch out for our movie review shortly.

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– Ritu Varma is having a very little role in Keshava.

– Keshav endures his killings in spite of being arrested and being the major suspect.

First Half Report: Series of killings takes place without any special twists and goes in the first half. Nikhil had done a fab job in strong Keshav character. That’s it from first half; more would base on the second half.

– Keshav gets imprisoned. Interval.

– Time for a third murder. Keshav kills one more police officer Raja Ravindra.

– Isha Koppikar performs an investigative officer character to catch the person behind police killings.

– Keshav compels second murder, kills one more Cop.

– Story changes to Keshav’s college life.

Vennela Kishore’s friend’s gang and Priyadarshi in college bring occasional laughs in stern drama.

– Nikhil makes an entrance with cold-blooded slaying. He kills a police officer.

– Keshava show began with an accident act. Only kid (Nikhil) gets persisted from the family.

Amid the reap of young heroes in Tollywood, Nikhil Siddharth had earned the name that he is a warranty hero who picks movies based on the script, not grounded on the pay cheque he would get.

‘Swamy Ra Ra’ is a turnoff point in his profession and from then developed this job at selecting various subjects. Yet, his previous two movies namely Surya Vs Surya’ and ‘Shankarabharanam’ didn’t go well. The last turned out to be a tragedy.

Yet, the actor didn’t lose much, as he has been fruitful in emerging a notion that ‘Nikhil is an actor who is trying something very diverse each time by giving significance to the script and novel perception instead of depending on big names and getting passed away. Moreover, ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’, was a good hit.

Impending to ‘Keshava‘, there is a knock of freshness in the movie trailer. It is a promising plot crewed up with a new bearded look for Nikhil, somewhat he had tried for the first time in altering his looks. Furthermore, there is a lot to anticipate fresh as Nikhil is performing a Brahmin boy who has a heart on the right side of the body.

Yet, it is a distinctive revenge story but with a twist and the director of ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ Sudheer Varma, at the tiller of the things, viewers have more to imagine from the super hit blend that had been a game changer for Nikhil’s profession with their previous outing.

Keshava is a thriller movie in which senior actress Isha Koppikar has got an influential role to do and young actress Ritu Varma of ‘Pelli Chupulu’ eminence looks to be vital for the plot of the picture. A fresh concept and storyline are going to be a big optimistic if done well.

The one lining ‘Revenge is the dish best served cold’ put a positive feel and the radiantly cut promos enhanced the buzz further. So, will Nikhil’s ‘Keshava‘prove again that he had established the skill of selecting different stories and giving a sedate performance for the characters he picks?

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