Sunday , September 23 2018

KCR: Telangana to invest Rs94,000 crore in power sector

KCR says his government has developed an action plan to alter the state into a power surplus with an investment of about Rs94,000 crore


Hyderabad: Telangana state CM  K.Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday stated that his government is taking steps in order to make the state “power surplus” and has an investment expenditure of Rs94,000 crore for the part.

Making a declaration in the Legislative Assembly, Rao stated that since last night, the state-run power efficacies have started providing 24-hour free power to 23 lakh agriculture pump sets on a “trial basis”.

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“When Telangana state was formed (in June 2014), the state government gave extreme priority to raise the state from power crunch. Short, medium and long-term planning was grown and applied. An action plan was made to transform Telangana state into a power surplus state with an asset of about Rs94,000 crore,” Chandrasekhar stated.

The government has taken steps to quicken the pace of generation plant works, he stated, adding that the building of new plants was initiated and transmission, as well as distribution systems, were also reinforced, he declared. Power corporations are completely geared up to provide 11,000 MW to meet the demand of 24 hours of power for the agriculture sector in the impending Rabi season.

“I am eager to announce to the individuals of Telangana through this august house that Telangana has formed new record of supplying quality power free of cost for 24 hours to the agriculture segment. “For the first time in the history, 24 hours power is being provided from last night on a trial basis to 23 lakh agricultural pump sets in the state,” Chandrasekhar stated.

The power efficacies of the state will thoroughly monitor the transmission and circulation network for 5-6 days and supply 24-hour endless power on a permanent basis from the impending Rabi season, he said.

In the state, 25% of power is being utilized by the agricultural pump sets, he stated. KCR alleged there was a power shortage of 2,700 MW at the time of Telangana state creation and that the supply was not proportionate with the demand due to the “neglectful attitude and lack of planning” of the former government.

“There was total doom in all sectors,” he appealed. When the Telangana state was made, the installed capacity was 6,574 MW and in the past three-and-a-half years, an extra 7,981 MW was custom-built from various sources, he declared.

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