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KCR life and Leadership on Big Screen

KCR’s Telangana movement should be made into a film in Telugu Film Industry.


Tollywood director Madhura Sreedhar wants to direct a movie on our Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s life story. “The movie is not a biopic as I am not thinking to place any private issues tackled by KCR; I am completely focusing on the real challenges he faced when he had led the Telangana movement. Sreedhar says that “It is completely a political drama of Telangana movement.”

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The director wishes to start the movie only after conducting an appropriate investigation. “We just want to start the shooting of the movie on 2 June, 2017,” he said, which occurs to be the Telangana State Formation Day. Raj Kandukuri is the producer of the movie and they are scheduling to release it on 17 February, 2018, on the event of KCR’s birthday.

Madhura Sreedhar’s dad, Tirupathi Reddy is a financial side professor in the Osmania University. “Tirupathi Reddy, my daddy had partaken in the Telangana movement in the year 1969 and he used to tell me the stories of that legendary movement.

Those Telangana movement stories had inspired me to make a movie. People say diverse things about KCR but at the end, he merely went ahead with his program and reached the goal ultimately.

Sreedhar says “Currently, he has developed a great leader and accomplished the dream of 4 crore Telangana people to come true and became the first Chief Minister of Telangana Sate Government.” It is assessed that the picture might cost nearly Rs 8 crore. “It is too quick to speak about the artists and the movie,” he adds.


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