Wednesday , February 20 2019

KCR government plans dole for backward classes

Etela Rajender says the scheme is likely to be included in the state budget in KCR government.

KCR government plans dole for backward classes

KCR government is planning a major welfare scheme targeting backward classes which involve providing benefits in both cash and kind and the backward classes make up the majority population in the state of Telengana, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has already held two meetings with a group of politicians and officials on the issue and directed them to come out with scheme wise details for the BCs as per of now.

Chief Minister appears to have told them to eliminate distributers who according to official foundations are eating away a major chunk of the benefits which need to get backward, the whole exercise of identifying the schemes and the money component involved will be finalized soon and in all probability will be included in the State Budget as per the report, the sources said the KCR government with an eye on 2019 elections has initiated caste and section wise schemes and whose benefits can reach them more efficiently.

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Earlier fishermen used to work for their society and in turn the government used to release subsidies or benefits to the civilization. Though these societies used to eat away the welfares without passing on to the fishermen and now under the new scheme the sources said the government will identify the fishermen and release the subsidy directly to the fishermen eliminating the society administration.

Likewise the core group constituted by the Chief Minister is trying to identify schemes where the government can reach out to the beneficiaries directly thus eliminating agents. Settling the new enterprise, business minister Etela said out, each and every section of the society will be taken care of by the government straight, here our aim is to reach the beneficiaries directly and not through the middlemen and all these new initiatives will be introduced in the ensuing state Budget as KCR government said.

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