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KCR Aims to be Telangana’s Baahubali in Elections

KCR offers a series of sops before the next elections of the Assembly. Is K Chandrasekhar Rao the Baahubali to deliver Bangaru Telangana (Telangana of gold)?

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KCR is offering a slew of sops ahead of the next Assembly elections.

The question that poses as the central character of the legendary movie becomes a part of the political lexicon in the state. During the current budgetary session of the Telangana Legislature, both inside and outside, the TRS and Congress rivals have locked the horns on the Baahubali in their parties.

While for the daughter of the leader of TRS Kavitha, KCR is the only Baahubali in Telangana, the top congress leader K Jana Reddy expects to emerge before the ballots of the 2019 Assembly to lead his party to victory.

Whether it is a wishful thinking or not, the government’s budget plans for 2017-18 suggest that the ruling SRA is determined in its preparation for an electoral return in 2019. It will be necessary to put in place a series Measures of well-being and respite.

These include the exclusive reserve of funds for caste and tribes according to their population through a special development fund and booking for economically backward Muslims in education and employment.

Other implementation programs include funds for sheep raising, promotion of fisheries, the welfare of hand-weavers, women, civil servants, scheduled castes and tribes, backward classes, minorities and Reimbursement of expenses.

Emphasis is placed on strengthening the rural economy and encouraging caste professions such as barbers to obtain financial assistance for the creation of modern hairdressing salons and the purchase of washing machines, dryers And modern irons and Ghats for scrubbers.

After irrigation, including the Kakatiya mission for the rejuvenation of village reservoirs, the panchayati raj and the rural development department is provided the largest budget allocation of Rs 12,800 crore to strengthen the road infrastructure in the villages. A new regimen for newborns and mothers is to reduce infant and maternal mortality in the state.

He is also the first to be named after the Patriarch TRS. The “KCR Kit” will include 16 items, including diapers, a mosquito net and a mattress in addition to cosmetics as well as toys will be distributed, spending Rs 605 crore. It is modeled on Tamil Nadu “Amma Kit” for the same target group.

The estimated total expenditure of Rs 1.49 lakh crore is Rs 19,000 crore more than the estimates for 2016-17. A number of programs, including two BHK houses for the poor, are being considered for extra budgetary funding, implying that expenditures for 2017-18 would be significantly higher than budgeted.

Yet, this is not an exercise please. The KCR stated that if the 2.00.000 BHK houses for the poor, which he had promised were not ready by the end of 2017-18, his party would not seek votes but the prospects for advancing the elections.

“People will bless us, if we do a good job. Even if the Opposition attempts to sweep away development work by filing cases before the courts, we will achieve our goals, “says a confident KCR, deploring that Congress is filing 34 cases against the construction of irrigation projects.

“The impossible word does not exist in our Prime Minister’s dictionary, and Telangana is a new state and we should be optimistic,” Finance Minister Etela Rajender said. Indeed, the unpaid public debt of Telangana is set to cross Rs 1.4 lakh crore by the end of 2017-18, taking the per capita debt of the population of more than 3.5 crore to Rs 40,000.

In addition, the debt burden will account for 18.51% of the total PDD in 2017-18. He does not care about KCR. He cites China as an inspiration for pouring out the ideology for development. Neither the Congress nor the State BJP are impressed and allege that even the budget figures are being manipulated.

“KCR is pushing the state into a debt trap, and we will not be silent if the TRS tries to plunder the public treasury,” said Uttam Kumar Reddy, chairman of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee. Gap between promises and performance, “streets BJP Legislative Party Leader G Kishan Reddy.

The state government hopes to realize the vision of KCR Bangaru Telangana as soon as possible. To do this, the TRS is working on a second mandate.

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KCR Aims to be Telangana’s Baahubali in Elections
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