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Kavalai Vendam film review: Barely works thanks to inconsistent screenplay

Jiiva with his experience acting similar roles does his job with effortless ease, despite a weak characters.


Arvind (Jiiva) and Divya (Kajal Agarwal) are childhood friends and when they raise up they fall for each one other, which finally ends up in marriage. On the same day, they have a major fight near a liquor shop and disappointed with Arvind’s silly manners, Divya walks out of his life.

Nevertheless, Arvind passes his time in the company of his contact Nutty and Satish (RJ Balaji and Balasaravanan) gathering and having a whale of time. Three years later, she returns to Conoor only to seek break up from him. Arvind puts a condition that Divya should live with him for a week and do all household chores like a spouse does. She agrees.

Now enters Arjun (Bobby Simha wasted in an irrelevant role) Divya’s husband-to-be and Deepa (Sunaina) who loves Arvind and needs to marry him. The rest is all about whether Divya gets her divorce documents signed. Or perhaps she wants to unite with her ex again?

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Though she succeeded to pull it off, at times she overacts. Sunaina has been promoted with a minor role. RJ Balaji and Balasaravanan manage to evoke laughter to some extent with below the belt cracks.,Shruti, Mayilsamy

Ramakrishnan, Madhumitha and Manobala mark in their bit mouthing adult comedy dialogues.

Though one does not think logic from such comedies, the problem with KV is the uneven screenplay by Deekay. And we don’t understand with the lead pair (as it should have been) even as they go concluded some serious situations.

If you notice, each male personality in the film is after a woman, trying to woo her all the period. The director has mostly depend on  double entendres, lewd jokes, trivializing women and evocative scenes than his content – kind of disgusts you out!

Abhinandhan’s glossy camera work wants special mention. He captures the lush green misty Ooty stunningly. Leon James melody goes well with the mood of the movie.

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Kavalai Vendam film review: Barely works thanks to inconsistent screenplay
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