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Kangana Ranaut looks to recreate Fearless Nadia’s magic

Kangana Ranaut latest movie trailer of Rangoon sees the actress clasp her role gorgeously.


Years ago, Vishal Bhardwaj was to make a picture of the life story and cinema of the past stunt queen, Fearless Nadia. He had even employed German actress Franka Potente for the part, but the venture fell apart.

Vishal’s fantasy project is lastly coming to fruition, not with Franka, but Kangana Ranaut, who performs a doppelganger of Nadia, named Julia. The gracefully cut trailer of Rangoon displays Kangana having a big deal of amusement doing the Nadia like ‘fearless’ feats, and flirting with the two men in her life —Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

Fixed in 1944, when World War II fumed across the world, Rangoon wears a lavish ripe appearance, if the movie trailer is something to go by. The three characters look good composed — and separately — and are totally immersed in the plan of what is basically the story of a film star, influenced to travel to a war sector, in order to deliver amusing relief to soldiers.

In addition to a complete load of on-screen kisses, the picture claims of stunning, wild locations, to go with the wild-child copy of Julia. The movie trailer also seizures the chaotic enthusiasm of wartime demands.

Shaiamak remembers Nadia

Definitely excited about the future movie, is Nadia’s grand-nephew, choreographer Shiamak Davar. “She was my Marymai,” he flows. “She loved me insanely, and left her well-known trademark lash and mask, and even her home to me. She would flexibly say I was her favorite.”

A little-recognized nugget is that it was Shiamak’s Marymai who fortified him to take up dancing. “She was my motivation,” he yells. “She fortified me to sing and dance and would say, my parents, all the time to never stop me from racing my dreams. I am where I am since of Maryami’s inspiration.”


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