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Kanakadurga Temple To Raise Funds In Vijayawada

Kanakadurga temple authorities to obtain donations for the implementation of the temple development master plans.

Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada
                                     Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada

 Kanakadurga temple authorities to obtain donations for the implementation of the temple development master plans. The temple authorities have decided to visit industrial bigwigs like Tata, Birla, Amabanis, Adanis and others, as well as politicians to apply for temple development funds, as it is estimated to Rs 100 crore. The Temple authorities planned to form committees comprising officials and priests to pool the call for donations.

The Temple authorities had mentioned that TS’s chief minister, K.Chandrasekhar Rao, would also have requested his visit, which should take place as soon as possible. For the development of the Kanakadurga temple, separate master plans are in progress for the entrance of the ghat road with Raja Gopuram and the waterfall at the front with the statues of Lord Siva, the main temple of the goddess, Temple of Malleshwara, Kanakadurga nagar and Arjuna street with mandapams as at Tirumala for lines of queues and a Vijaya Sthupam at the end of the street as Sanchi Sarnath stupa, permanent annadanam and prasadam preparation blocks, amphitheater with 3D presentation Which are estimated to cost Rs 100 crore, of which Rs 3 crore is estimated for permanent annadanam and prasadam Preparation Blocks.

The head of the Kanakadurga temple, A. Surya Kumari said, With donors and government support, we are eager to implement temple master plans. We had already sent Birla group and Ambanis regarding which they had responded positively. We are also willing to visit the industrialists, filmmakers, neighboring countries of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana for the funds.

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She added that they will seek the support of filmmakers to present them to other celebrities as an integral part of the development of the Kanakadurgatemple. She also mentioned that they had decided to treat donors as privileged devotees, and for those who give below Rs lakh 10 are given the supply of Antharalayam darshanam or sevas for once in a year, while for donors Above Rs 10 lakh may have For annual lifetime once. Ms. Kumari said that if a devotee gives an estimated total cost for any construction, her name will be engraved on it.

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Kanakadurga Temple To Raise Funds In Vijayawada
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