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Kamalakannan: The man behind Tollywood special effects

VFX Administrator R Kamalakannan calls Rajamouli the monarch of emotional dramas.


Tollywood VFX Supervisor R Kamalakannan started his profession as a reporter in Doordarshan, Chennai afore starting his engagement with the special effects. “I had learned sub-titling, did numerous commercials formerly meeting Rajamouli in 2004 for Sye movie at Prasad VFX studio. This is my 7th picture with Rajamouli with Magadheera captivating the National Award for Best Special Effects. SS Rajamouli supervises all the facets of movie making and is excited. He does much ground work and has great technical knowledge on VFX. Henceforth, he is a tough taskmaster and it’s so hard to satisfy him.”

Kannan says that almost all the VFX studios in the nation and more than 1000 artists worked on the exceptional effects of Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. “I had taken up the project in the month of October 2016 and by that time about 25% of the movie was shot. In the first editing, the movie had about 2555 shots. Then we got it down to 2226 shots. It is a scary task to complete the work in just 5 months. Saying that, Rajamouli and the movie producer Shobu are serious so we had to work little tougher to meet the limits.”

The second part claims of huge VFX and Kannan upholds that it’s a task to bring difference in getting the wanted output. “The first part of the movie had only Mahishmati Empire but the other half has Kunthala desam – the empire of Devasena. I got great support from the studios counting Makuta.

Retorting to the leakage, Kannan clarifies, “Our central server is in Germany and we used to save the efforts and edits there. We had project managing software and it dispenses the work. We gave the entrance to all the studios and they gather the properties from there and give them back. Currently, we are working on some alterations for five shots.”

Kannan offers the credit to his movie director for pre-visualising numerous innovative and unusual concepts. “A big portion of my work arrives from the belief of the director. I encompass in the workshops and we discuss a lot of things previously we start the real work.”

On budget, he says, “One of my camp managers worked for the last portion of Transformers. He then told me that they even take a month for one shot. So, it based on the repetitions. For Baahubali 2, studios from Serbia and London handled extreme iterations. More the iterations (corrections), the higher the budget is.”

So does Kannan discern ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’His response is no! “That share was shot last in the existence of the main crew. I didn’t watch the complete movie. For myself, I like the interval boom as it’s scattered with emotions and special effects. Rajamouli is the monarch to unfold emotional dramas and I am certain that the audience will be excited to experience the wealth of Baahubali 2.”


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