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Kamal Haasan Shattered by Gautami’s Departure from Life

Kamal Haasan says whatever gives Gautami comfort and solace is fine by me.


Southern megastar Kamal Haasan and his live-in partner, Gautami, have parted after a huge 13 long years of intimacy. The pair was living-in together and pick out not to wed as they are mainly contrary to the idea of wedding.

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Newscast about cracks in the pair’s relations had been doing the rings for quite some time however this is the first time where either of them has done a public declaration.

Gautami is a cancer-survivor and a sole mother. She has a daughter named Subbulakshmi, from her wedding to entrepreneur Sandeep Bhatia while Haasan was wedded to heroine Sarika, with whom he has two daughters, Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan.

Close by friends of the pair say they saw it impending. “There were some differences growing amid them. Gautamiji had prepared up her mind some time back only. She sought to leave — to her individual housing with her daughter Subbulaxmi. It is a big blow for Kamalji. He always considered Subbu in the same way as he did to his own daughters Shruti and Akshara. And even Subbu is profoundly attached to Kamal sir. He is crushed by their departure from his lifetime,” says a nearby friend.

When communicated, Kamal Haasan was silent for a long time. Then he told, “Whatsoever gives her comfort and solace is fine by me. “My feelings at the instant are of no prominence. What matters is that Gautami and Subbu should be happy and blissful. I wish them all the best and want them to recognize that I am there for them each and every time they need me. “I am blessed with my three daughters Shruti, Akshara and Subbulaxmi. I deliberate myself the luckiest dad in the world.”


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Kamal Haasan Shattered by Gautami’s Departure from Life
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