Tuesday , March 19 2019

Kamal Haasan angry at fake ‘WhatsApp poem’

Kamal Haasan had got his third break-up recently and every time, he has remained silent — indicating not to comment.


Hardly hours after their break-up was publicized, a disconsolate poem on behalf of Kamal Haasan started doing the rounds.

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Then, this time, he is springing mad since barely hours after the newscast of his and Gautami Tadimalla’s splitting rocked tinsel city, a text on Whatsapp credited to Kamal himself is going viral. The forward message which is in poetic form when coarsely translated from Tamil recites, “If you consider, going apart will make you sturdier, and if that is your final decision, then stand at a space as a shadow. And I won’t ponder this as a penance, which I imposed on myself. There is no conceit in telling that a part of me has, now, left me alone.”

Though, after being shelled with calls and messages complete day, Kamal was fast to issue an announcement that the poem was not his — and that somebody was playing an offensive game by making comments under his title. He also said that at this point of time, he was not going to remark anything on the matter of the break-up.

Shruti Haasan, his daughter, who has also been associated as one of the causes behind the splitting, instantly followed garb, with a press release of her personal that was somewhat impassionate, declaring that she has certainly not commented on anybody’s personal life and their choices. For Shruti, what matters the most is standing by, caring and respecting her family — her parents and her sister Akshara no stuff what.


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