Friday , April 19 2019

Kaabil second trailer sensation

Kaabil second trailer response in social media

Kaabil second trailer response

Hritik Roshan and yami Gautam stared in kaabil first trailer, and it was mostly stunning with the romantic look of the beautiful couple, and this made Hritik fans more excited about the movie, and this was going to rock in theaters,  the movie theme was clearly explained in the trailer itself. Suddenly the trailer will transform into revenge flavor, and this was going to reveal out the action part of the movie. And this trailer made huge response all over the world with its unique story line and action part. kaabil second trailer was released recently that drew huge attention of audience.

In kaabil the pair will be seen as visually impaired and this was going to make the movie more interested, that how a visually impaired guy takes revenge on his wife’s death, and this line had stolen the attention of audiance, and this trailer had become the more viewed one in the YouTube.

Finally the movie production team had released out the second trailer, that was really awesome, and this trailer was all about how the love begins between the couple and this was going to make a high range sensational trailer than the first one, so in this new trailer, Hritik Roshan will attract yami by doing mimicry, in the voice of Amitabh Bachan, and the whole trailer was mostly explaining the love line in the movie, and finally it too showcased the action part, with a dialogue that was “ aayega na, darega ka toh nahi”( you’ll come here right, you aren’t afraid, right? ). And this dialogue explains the underneath revenge high pulse in the movie, that was making the action part more serious and involved, and the only  question raised in every audience mind was, how do a visually  impaired hero take revenge on the most powerful villain, and to find the answer, lets enjoy the revenge treat scenes in kaabil movie.

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