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Justin Bieber to be Served Indian Cuisine Representing 29 States

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Justin Bieber to be Served  29 States of Indian

Grammy award winner Justin Bieber, a fan of Indian cuisine, will serve authentic and authentic cuisine that represents the 29 states of India during his inaugural visit to the country later this month. Bieber will be there for his highly anticipated India Purpose Tour, which will take place at DY Patil Stadium on May 10th.

But apart from making sure that his fans sing songs like “Where are u now”, “Boyfriend” and “Love yourself”, he will do everything “tourist”.

It will arrive here on May 8 before its public show in a private jet after its performance in Dubai, said a source in the knowledge of the plans.

It will be hosted and hosted by Arjun Jain, founder, and CEO of White Fox India, the only promotion company of Purpose World Tour in India. On the first day of the tour, guests will experience an exuberant gastronomic experience that explores the nuances of the best royal cuisines served by the especially stolen butlers of Rajasthan.

The traditional gold and silver thalis are customized with the artist’s engravings and the names of his entourage embedded in the plates in the Devanagari script.

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He will come to taste the authentic cuisine that represents the 29 states of India. By adding a touch of opulence, the overall atmosphere will resemble an imperial fortress with flutists and sarangi players bringing gastronomy to a heavenly experience, the source added. The second day of the visit will involve a tour of the city. Access points that focus on the India Gateway, Kala Ghoda and Mani Bhavan which showcases a mix of heritage and history.

The city tour will be followed by an Ayurvedic luxury spa session that knows Bieber’s love for massages. A visit to a disadvantaged house is also planned, apart from a possible party organized by an industrial leader and filmmaker.

The 3rd day will be the big concert in Mumbai followed by a private ferry party with live karaoke. The next two days include a visit to New Delhi and Jaipur and a trip to the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra.

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Justin Bieber to be Served Indian Cuisine Representing 29 States
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