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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Spotted Hanging Out

Selena gomez and justin bieber back together

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Justin Bieber  and Selena Gomez are apparently friends now. Two people at the appears Sunday night, according to TMZ reported that selina was presiding over a couple of friends as well as.

Jelena’s fans are not too excited though; it is said that it was just a friendly signal, not a romantic relationship. TMZ reported that the weekend, Selena’s current boyfriend, was ‘fully understood’ of the party, also had if he was not traveling. TMZ also reported that this is not the first time encountered the first few. It is said that they were in the last week after the closure of Selena’s kidney surgery after the summer.

justin bieber

Refreshing your memory, Selena and Justin officially became Elena January 2011 and first broke up in November 2012, only that date and closed most of the 2013, came back with the 2014 bit, and it was the same year. So far, there have been many back and forth between the two, including the allegedly emotional relationship between the multiple songs (‘the heart wants it to want something,’ ‘sorry,’ and ‘[It Ain’t Me)’), Instagram selfies paste and remove, and a lot of messy fans. Now it seems that things have come to an end, these two people eventually become mature friends. Good for them!

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Selena has been with a lot of people from her past. She recently exchanged sweet messages with the best friend of the previous Dayi Lovato, posted her support for Demi’s recent YouTube documentary, simple and complex, Instagram. She also hung on the fashion show on Monday. The ‘fetish’ singer and former boyfriend Nick Jonas also have a good relationship; she accepted the kidney transplant surgery praised his own strength.

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