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John Abraham: I’ll never blow kisses in a mall

John Abraham speaks about the ineffectuality of movie promotions, his aversion to awards and much more.


John Abraham draws a self-assured picture a day before his movie’s release. Back into his relaxation zone — action — with Force 2 movie, the hero, in quick chat talks over all the things filmy or not.

Does Force 2 have any significance beyond entertainment?

Definitely. We were actually enthused by Captain Saurabh Kalia’s script—the way his body was maimed by Pakistanis shook us to the main. Force was a movie so close to my heart, but it was all about one man’s individual grief and revenge. In the sequel Force 2, we sought to move ahead. The notion came naturally. Our movie is devoted to the soldiers who gave up their lives on the Indian border fighting for our protection.

Was that emotion thrust on you by political stress?

No, not at all. We haven’t pushed the message down individual’s throats. We have got the message through an attractive plotline. There is no chest-beating, patriotism, or self-congratulating; merely a frank attempt to look at universal happenings. The public is going to walk out with much forage for thought.

What makes you so assured about Force 2?

Both Abhinay and I have faith in that Force is the biggest action franchise of this nation. If Matt Damon has a Bourne series and Vin Diesel has a Fast & Furious, John Abraham has the Force series.

What are your takings on sequels?

As far as our sequel drives, this one is not ‘force-fitted’ (laughs). Currently, we are the intention to do Force 3 movie.

The recession has hit the Film industry after the demonetisation. Are you ready?
We are real-world producers. We have worked out the facts in a way such that we are fiscally safe even before the movie’s release. The another significant part is the audience’s taking. I bend my head and say in all humbleness ‘we have made an honest movie’. Going on amusement shows won’t assist our movie.

Is that why you stepped out of Comedy Nights Bachao?

As a fussy media-marketing planner I have to confess that a lot of the media stuff we do to support a movie is wasteful.

Why don’t you join award functions or advertising events?

I am completely against city trips and TV shows to promote a movie. I won’t blow kisses or throw t-shirts in malls. Eventually, it is the product that sums not how much you vend it. Award functions are also a complete no-no for me. Award functions are usually live shows where actors get remunerated to do. The same actors win all the awards each year. I don’t discern how that actor doesn’t get tired.


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