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Jayalalithaa death mystery gets deeper, tough time for probe panel

Vellamandi N. Natarajan told the media on Tuesday that Sasikala did not permit anybody to see Jayalalithaa.


Chennai: With numerous ministers in the State government giving out variable versions of what allegedly transpired through their superior Jayalalithaa treatment at the Apollo Hospital, the Justice A. Arumughaswamy Commission set up to review her demise might have a tough time arriving at the precise conclusion through this perplexing maze of ambiguities.

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Forest minister Dindigul Sreenivasan did the ‘muhurat’ for this newest political blockbuster by using the Anna birth anniversary plinth in his native town on September 15 to launch a scorching attack on Sasikala condemning the ‘Family’ of manipulating Jayalalithaa’s treatment and averting access to the VIP guests —Governor Vidyasagar Rao, Arun Jaitley, and Rahul Gandhi — to make sure she did not tell them the veracity about her hospitalization. Only Sasikala and her family had admittance to Amma whereas all the AIADMK leaders and even ministers were set aside during the complete period of hospitalization (72 days), he stated.

“We would have got her the finest treatment and medicines accessible anywhere in the world, but they (Sasikala & family) permitted the ailment to get convoluted so as to force a natural demise”, stated minister Sreenivasan, virtually condemning the ‘Family’ of intrigue and murder.

The minister leapt numerous steps higher a pair of days later while at a public rally in Madurai, telling the big audience that he and his cabinet colleagues touted the ‘lies’ given out by Sasikala that Amma ate idlies and chutney — just to tell the individuals all was well with the ex-CM — simply out of fear for the ‘Family’ and not as that was the fact.

“We (ministers) currently tender public regret for our lies”, he proclaimed, intensely lifting his two hands in a big vanakkam.

Vellamandi N. Natarajan, Tourism minister has repeated the ‘access denial’ charge when he told journalists on Tuesday that Sasikala did not let anybody to see Amma. “The fact is that nobody of us saw Jayalalithaa through that period of hospitalization. We only saw her body when it was carried out of the hospice lift on December 4 night”, stated the minister, also as rebel chief Dhinakaran is claiming that his aunt Sasikala had personally shot the video of Amma viewing TV in her Apollo ward after ICU spell.

K.C. Veeramani, Commercial taxes minister also spoke in much the similar way as associates Natarajan and Sreenivasan, even going a step further inquiring why in spite of being her close friend, Sasikala had preferred not to take Amma for good treatment abroad.

If one supposed that the state cabinet was talking in one voice on this issue – albeit short of etiquette anticipated for the Justice Arumughaswamy Commission to make a happy start – there was a ‘shocker’ in Cooperation minister Sellur K. Raju’s proclamation: “All of us, ministers, seen Jayalalithaa when she was having treatment at Apollo. This is the fact”. That was before the TV cameras at a government gathering in Chennai’s Kilpauk. No qualm all this is sweet music to the Opposition. Stalin mentioned to the conflicting versions from ministers and restated his demand for a CBI probe into Jaya’s demise. PMK leader Dr Anbumani Ramadoss too said the similar thing.

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