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Jayalalithaa and I started our careers together: Hema Malini

Jayalalithaa was not just a politician; she was the savior of the masses.


It is hard to consider that Jayalalithaa has left so soon! She and I are of the similar age. Moreover, I had started my profession with her. I was thought to do my first movie, Vennire Adai in Tamil, in which she was the second heroine. But the director Sridhar removed me from the movie after some days of shooting.

I was just 15 years old, and so young to comprehend the intricacies of love and relations. So, I never blame them for requesting me to leave. Those few days that I had shooting with Jayalalithaa, however, I got to witness her very carefully. I was awestruck by her elegance, beauty and her pride. She came to the shooting sets with her mom. She keeps on reserved all the time when I met her on the shooting sets. She didn’t talk much to anybody!

I always speculated how the reluctant lady I met on the sets of my first movie changed into one of the most influential women in India.

Jayalalithaa was not just a politician; she was the champion of the masses. Stare at the way the crowds of Tamil Nadu, particularly women, are grieving for her. She offered hope to the poor even before she was elected as Chief Minister.
After she came to supremacy, she didn’t overlook her assurance to aid the poor. She delivered free rice, TVs, computers, and even houses to the poor.

That is why they respected her and called her Amma. It is as if the public has lost its mom. They loved and adored her like God. Talking of the Gods, here is one of her smaller known accomplishments — she aided to restore hundreds of sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu, which were on the approach of collapse.

Her main achievement was that she grabbed on the male-dominated support of politics with such courage and elegance. They vexed to demean and cow her down in each way possible. But Jayalalithaa was irresistible. With each attack on her honesty, she arose stronger. It is a pity that bad healthiness and illness rushed her away from us soon.

Jaya is a true inspiring woman for all of us. You are right when you say my profession resembles hers. We both had started our career in our mother tongue Tamil cinema. We both left from acting to politics. Jayalalithaa also danced on stage, like me. We could say the similar about her behavior in politics. There won’t be another lady like her.


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Jayalalithaa and I started our careers together: Hema Malini
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