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Jayalalithaa acted in nearly 25 Telugu films

Jayalalithaa made her Tollywood debut as the leading actress in the movie ‘Manushulu Mamatalu’ contrary Akkineni Nageswara Rao.


Jayalalithaa did her Telugu debut as the leading actress in the movie ‘Manushulu Mamatalu’ contrary Akkineni Nageswara Rao. The movie was released in 1965 and Jayalalithaa formed a sensation with the well-known song ‘Siggestondha Siggestondha..’. for which she have on a bikini.

She left on to act in closely 25 Telugu movies. Most of them were fruitful musical hits. She performed with all the topmost actors of her time – N T Rama Rao, Krishna, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jaggiah, and Krishnam Raju – and with fabulous actresses such as Vanisri, Savitri and Jamuna.

She also performed in numerous folk movies opposite N T Rama Rao, such as ‘Gopaludu Bhoopaludu’, ‘Chikkadu Dorakaudu’, ‘Kadaladu Vadaladu’, ‘Bagdad Gajadonga’ , ‘Gandikota Rahasyam’, and ‘Ali Baba 40 Dongalu’.

She acted as the female lead in a pair of mythological movies – ‘Sri Krishna Satya’ and ‘Sri Krishna Vijayam’ – in which NTR frolicked the appeal of Lord Krishna.

Jayalalithaa acted in closely 140 movies in all languages and through genres: mythical, folk, women-centric, social drama films and even an action movie, ‘Gudachari 116, which is a James Bond type of movie.

She was romantically connected with Telugu actor Sobhan Babu, even though they never acted after she became prevalent. They acted together in the movie ‘Doctor Babu’, which was one of her previous movies in Telugu.

Rumor has it that Jayalalithaa wanted to wed Sobhan Babu though he was already wedded and had children. “When after she proposed wedding, Sobhan Babu certain to part ways with her,” says a representative.

Jaya does not appear to have held this contrary to Sobhan Babu. “Most of Sobhan Babu’s commercial and real estate is in Chennai and Jayalalithaa never vexed to go against the hero and his business,” added the representative.

One more person in her life was M G Ramachandran, the star and semi-god for Tamilians. Jaya not only acted with him, she also merged his political revelry. She later leaves films and went into politics completely, developing as MGR’s political heir after his demise.

Some of her films in Telugu:

  • Manushulu Mamathalu
  • Astiparulu
  • Ame Evaru
  • Gudachari 116
  • Chikkadu Dorakadu
  • Gopaludu Bhoopaludu
  • Brahmachari
  • Sukha Dukhalu
  • Niluvu Dopidi
  • Baghad Gajadonga
  • Thikka Sankaraiah
  • Sri Rama Katha
  • Adarsa Kutumbam
  • Adrushtavathulu
  • Kathanayakudu
  • Kadaladu Vadaladu
  • Gandikota Rahasyam
  • Ali Baba 40 Dongalu
  • Sri Krishna Vijayam
  • Dharma Dhaata
  • Bharya Biddalu
  • Sri Krishna Satya
  • Akka Thammudu
  • Devudu Chesina Manushulu
  • Doctor Babu
  • Premalu Pellillu

Songs from her films those are popular:

  • Siggestondha Siggestondha (Film: Manushulu Mamathalu, actor ANR)
  • Nuvvu Naa Mundunte Ninnala Choostune (Movie: Gudachari 116, actor Krishna)
  • Kotaloni Monagada vetaku vachava (Movie: Gopaludu Bhoopaludu, actor NTR)
  • Maradala Pilla Egiri Padaku Gadasari pilla (Movie: Gandikota Rahastyam, actor NTR)
  • Alla nerede pallu (Movie: Doctor Babu, actor Sobhanu Babu)


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