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Jason Momoa: I was a Big Comic Fan

Jason Mamoa opened their upcoming Justice League and about their respective roles

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This is an unexpected surprise when proclaimed Jason Moma will be in Justice League of Aquaman movie. After his Khal Drogo game of thrones, the actor is considered the perfect villain. However, when director Zack Synder told him he would not be Batman by some bad guy, he would have taken the superheroes Aquaman and Jason. In a chat, the actor revealed more about the casting process, his love of comics and more…

Q:Are you thinking of director Zack Snyder first contact with you to play Arthur Curry / Neptune and the new generation of this iconic super hero remodeling?

Jason Momoa: It was a mystery when Zack first approached me. When I went to the audition, he let me read about Batman, Ben Affleck, and the point’s role. So, I know what suspicious things happen, just read a lot of lines, like me. Do not care what’s on the page (laughs)! Then Zach asks me, “Do you know I miss you? I said,” Oh, yes, I’ll be a villain or some bad guy who is battling Batman – sounds funny, “he said.” I want you to play Aquaman.

 “So, I just stood there, a bit shocked. All I can think of is a traditional diver from comics – who are white, blonde, wearing orange and green costumes. I thought he was joking … but Zach’s face had such expectations. He said, “Listen to me,” tell me, and he wants Aquaman to be an outsider in the film, running into a big duel along the lines of Clint Eastwood’s character. I was born in Hawaii and grew up in Iowa and am basically an outsider, so I can certainly agree with this.

Q: Before joining the movie, how much do you know about Justice League? Are you a grown-up comic book or a superhero fan?

Absolute, I am a big comic fan. When I was a kid, I read a lot of different comics, apparently I really like Batman and Super Hero movie. I was amazed when Tim Burton’s Batman came out; I was surprised at the movie. But I did not read many Justice League before this movie, so I did my research. I also got the chance with producer Geoff Johns, who is just a rich Aquaman and DC knowledge of the universe.

Q: You recently filmed Aquaman’s first personal feature with director James undefined Wan. Can you give us a joke the audience can expect?

Jason Momoa: All your questions will be answered next year (laughter). The cool thing about Aquaman is that it is the origin of a story, and where we started; we end up being just astonishing. This is really a beautiful movie, I am really lucky to be one of them. It’s incredible that James took us with us in Australia.

We have never seen epic adventures in such oceans, and we have not seen the underwater world that we have created in the movies. I’m so excited to be watching movies with my kids, and other kids have seen it too. My son is playing Batman nonstop, as you can see he now has Aquaman action figure thinking. My kids have not seen too many movies, so I really look forward to it.

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Jason Momoa: I was a Big Comic Fan
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