Friday , March 22 2019

Iulia Vantur confirms that she has no plans of marrying Salman Khan

Iulia Vantur finally opened up about the rumored relationship in an interview to a Romanian publication newly.


It has been stated since a considerable amount of time now that Romanian actor-television host Iulia Vantur is Salman Khan’s girlfriend.

When Iulia had newly visited to India, she had made numerous public appearances with Salman Khan, first at Preity Zinta’s marriage reception, trailed by escorting him for the shoot of Tubelight movie in Ladakh, along with photographs of her with the Khan family. It was also stated that the couple would get wedded soon.

Yet, in the past few months, gossips surfaced that the duo have parted ways and that was one of the motives Iulia had come back to Romania.

Iulia newly won an award for ‘Successful Woman in Romania and at the gathering she declined to speak about her rumored relationship with Salman Khan with the mass media.

Though, Iulia lastly opened up about it in a conference to a Romanian publication when she discloses that she has no tactics of wedding the superstar and that ‘cultural variances’ was one of the motives of her returning back.

Once asked if she had got wedded during her India visit, Iulia, in her local linguistic said, “I have been wedded, and I have left my former husband earlier. But then I was in India, neither did I wed, nor did I part ways with anybody. God hinder!”

Iulia also departed on to speak about her trouble in amending with the Indian principles.

“I started to croon in Hindi, and took choral lessons. I toiled hard for several years and it troubles me that only my personal life has been deliberated. The last time I remained in India for five-six months, it specified a lot of things that I do not need to address. Then the Indian attitude is really diverse, the culture, the persons. The whole thing is diverse.

She also says “You won’t have as much privacy, since you stay with numerous people in single house. I also did not realize that I had to outfit a certain manner on the streets. Currently, I understand that my outfit was too low-cut.”

It would be currently motivating to see if Iulia comes back to India or if things could work out amid her and Salman Khan.


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