Sunday , March 24 2019

Italian Doctor Plans Human Head Transplant

Italian doctors had proposed for Head Transplant and Russian man agrees for transplant, but his girlfriend opposed the idea.


London: A provocative Italian neurosurgeon who desires to carry out the first human head transplant has sketched plans to do the Frankenstein experiments to revive human bodies to test his method.

Dr Sergio Canavero, the director of Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, and his coworkers trust that they might be able to do the first human head transplant succeeding year.

They have sketched plans to investigate whether it is likely to rejoin the spinal cord of a head to another body with examinations that will arouse the nervous system in new human corpses with electrical pulses, the Daily Mail described.

The objective of the surgery is to cut the spinal cord and then restore it before using electrical or magnetic motivation to revive the nerves and even effort in the corpse.

Valery Spiridonov has presented to be the first to experience the controversial process. Spiridonov who grieves from a genetic complaint that means he is wheelchair assured and substantially unable to take care of himself without continuous help.  Though, the Russian has exposed that his girlfriend is opposite to him having the surgery, the Mail stated.

In a journal for the Surgical Neurology International, Dr Canavero and his coworker in South Korea and China sketched parallels to the notorious story of Frankenstein, where power is used to revive the fictional giant.

The awareness has been criticized extensively saying that Dr Canavero’s tactics are pure fictional. The doctor has been associated to the imaginary gothic-horror character Dr Frankenstein.

The medic, on the other hand, pointed to tests conducted in the 1800s by using the corpses of criminals who had been drooped as proof such tests could be fruitful.


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