Thursday , February 21 2019

ISIS stretches the first straight attack on US President Donald Trump

ISIS stretches the first straight attack on US President Donald Trump

ISIS releases the proclamation on US that it is being “run by an idiot”.

ISIS addressed directly that the citizens of America and the country is drowning “being run by an idiot”.

Saying that America have been sunk and there is no more savior, you will  be a victim for the soldiers of caliphate where ever on the earth, you have been ruin and signs of your end are been evident on every eye.

No more evidence to show that you been ruled by an idiot one who doesn’t know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is

The statement is continued by Die of spite America, die of spite where everyone in the nation despite being old or a young will be in race to die in the name of God.

 US-backed forces have been currently fighting for retaking the Islamic two biggest cities – Mosul in Iraq and in Syria.

The President is finding ways to accelerate the American-led coalition’s campaign that which US and Iraqi officials have been deeming highly in uprooting Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

The statement on Trump has been made after the “kill-list” released by a pro-ISIS hacker group.

Along with them 8,786 Americans were included in the list.

According to SITE Intelligence Group, UCC in their message said kill everyone wherever you find them.

Group stated that they have a message for the US people and mostly to President Trump

Know that, we continue wage war against you and we are making sure that the counter attacks make our people stronger.  Now we start a new step in the war against you. So expect us soon Insha Allah!

Abu Omar Khorasani, the terror group head in Afghanistan said that Trump’s shocking victory in election would be used to make recruit disaffected youths in the West.

Trump is used as a propaganda tool to gather thousands of new fighters and make inspire terror attacks all over the world.

His hate towards Muslims will make our work easier as we can recruit thousands.

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