Sunday , February 17 2019

ISIS module made bombs using chikki and talcum in Hyderabad

ISIS also used code words desktop and training desktop for guns and arms-training correspondingly.

ISIS also used code words desktop and training desktop for guns

The Hyderabad ISIS module had been using code words like chawal pakana for explosive manufacturing and words Chikki and talcum powder and maggi for the various ingredients of explosives and national investigation Activity sleuths have in their charge sheet alleged that when the eight members of the unit talked over phone or directly and they used specific code words to avoid any doubt.

Members also used code words desktop and training desktop for guns and arms training respectively and they also used words like tablet probably for target repetition. In some conversations of ISIS distrusts Habeeb Mohammed and Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani one of them was heard saying one or two training desktops for training have come and one or two more are to come soon obviously referring to the weapons that were yet to be received said the NIA officials in the charge sheet as per the report.

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NIA charge sheet said the ISIS handlers had given specific instructions to the members to do only minimum talking over the telephone talk in detail while for myself meeting each additional, the accused persons were very cautious in their conversations and took dangerous precautions while on mobile phones.

They often made use of code words in their conversations and had been exactly instructed to keep deleting messages and other implicating material from their mobile phones on a regular basis and they have been advised to keep the group small. They have also been told to avoid searching for ISIS on the Internet lead a normal life and not to share or disclose anything about the group to strangers as per the report say’s to media.

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