Saturday , February 16 2019

Is Kangana Ranaut talking about Hrithik Roshan again?

Kangana Ranaut had narrated a story spookily similar to her version of the notorious spat with Hrithik Roshan.


Kangana Ranaut has done it again. The heroine, who was making a presence for a shoe brand newly, used the stage to speak about ‘a girl from the crags, which fell for a show idol’ — an all too acquainted tale.

She narrated “There was a young girl in the foothills. Extremely brave, simple, impractical and tenacious. This girl, while she was walking, had seen a picture of a guy and had fell in love with him. Moreover, that picture had led her to cross deserts, oceans, mountains and even landscapes. She is standing below stars with that man, and this guy kisses her and shouts ‘I love you.’ The worlds encounter and it becomes a snare amid the actual world and the complete world, which was fictional to be the prospect, and has to be get hold of. But one accomplishes to reach there. What occurs is that this guy says she’s not a common girl — she has a lot of fire in her gut. And she is not even a lady; she’s a lion in a lady’s body. So, the guy gets afraid and the love story gets a tragedy.”

Her quite brief story appears to mirror her side of the life story of the spat she had with Hrithik Roshan all through this year. Hrithik’s friends, though, roll their eyes above this incident. “This is actually touching. It is her own version of Ram Teri Ganga Maili; the acquitted pahaadi girl seduced by the sneaky, city bred philanderer,” speaks the friend.

Though Hrithik continues to uphold a stoic silence, proclaiming that he will speak up at a suitable time, a source close to him speaks, “She’s constantly building on her story regarding her imaginary romance. She is too fanatical with the complete story to be happy with an end.”


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