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Is it a good idea to use GoDaddy WordPress hosting?

GoDaddy is one of the biggest web hosting providers online and they provide everything from shared hosting to dedicated servers. They even offer a great WordPress solution.


GoDaddy tempts prospective customers with great discounts and increases the price considerably when it’s time to renewal. I severely consider that dishonest practices. Additionally existing customers are eternally irritated by the company’s efforts to sell more and more products they didn’t even ask for. Last but not least your private information is vended to third parties spamming you with many offers you don’t require.

The Domain Registration Company appears to spend most of its cash on advertising. This would clarify the low incomes GoDaddy pays its staffs and the low-cost infrastructure given to the customers. The web hosting company is only attentive in getting new customers and not in you. It is all about sales and returns and not about given out top-notch services.

GoDaddy’s web servers are usually overloaded with so many websites. The results are slow loading sites, downtime, and security issues. In the web hosting commerce this is called overselling and GDDY is not the only one doing this.

GoDaddy Technical support is often contracted out to low salary nations. The result is slow and unapt support to clients. And, when it’s not outsourced, support is quiet not what it’s thought to be.

GoDaddy is infamous for gripping domain names from its own clients who fail to renew their web address. When they are in the ownership of an expired domain name, they will stab to sell it again to the original possessor or others at a much upper price. Once they see that a specific domain name without possessor gets a lot of attention from prospective buyers, the company abruptly raises the value.

Insiders told that GoDaddy has the uppermost customer cancellation rate in the web hosting commerce. If that’s factual then it clarifies why the company concentrates much on getting as many new clients as possible. After all, this approach compensates losses due to numerous cancelations. So, inappropriately, to conclude, GoDaddy is the worst provider on the earth.

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