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Internet must have link with local languages

Internet language cannot be English and English alone. It needs to have linkages with the local and local depicts local languages.


Hyderabad: Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for electronics and information technology on Saturday enticed to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to accelerate the procedure for web addresses in local language writings.

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“The linguistic of internet cannot be in English and English alone. It needs to have connections with the local and local means local languages. I plea to the ICANN communal to make local languages accessible for more internet users to make it reachable,” he told at the opening ritual of the ICANN public conference in Hyderabad.

English ends online language content, rendering to Internet World Stats. No Indian linguistic comes in the top 10. This is the initial time the ICANN, a global body that assigns web addresses and allocates exceptional protocol numbers on the internet, is gathering after the change of mechanism from the US government to the “multi-stakeholder” communal. This communal includes academia, the technical community, civil society, and global governments.

The meeting presently underway in Hyderabad has about 3,000 people in presence. Of these, over 1,300 listed from India only. In India, the “dot bharat” website was officially launched in August 2014. By using this, one can type addresses in Devnagri characters and connect to web addresses.

Though, early reports recommended that the approval for the similar was tepid. The domain names obtainable in non-Roman scripts are mentioned to within the ICANN as Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNs. The organization has a “navigation group” employed on what is called “worldwide acceptance”. The set is presently working to make certify a system where numerous IDNs are well-matched and that internet claims, like email for example, can admit and process a task or request in any language.


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Internet must have link with local languages
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