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Install Windows 10 updates without Internet connection

Windows 10 updates can be downloaded without fixing your PC to the internet. Just find out how.


When Microsoft had launched the Windows 10 OS in the year 2015 and they had promised annual updates. Microsoft engrossed that Windows 10 is not just an OS but a service. It will be supported frequently through its lifecycle. Windows 10 had got some new add-ons to its features in the Anniversary Update in middle of 2016. And now in 2017, Microsoft has launched the Creators Update for Windows 10.

The latest updates on Windows 10 are always released in periods, with the flagship laptops getting it first then comes to less capable devices. There are certain people who like to wait till their computer alerts them regarding the update. Yet, some like to try it out afore the rest of the world looks up. It might also occur that your Windows 10 PC isn’t linked to the internet at all or uses a metered linking from your smartphone.

Microsoft has a tool precisely built for this perseverance and it’s called as the Media Creation Tool.

The perception of the Media Creation Tool is so simple – you can download a genuine copy of Windows 10 with the newest update on another PC with internet and install it on your PC over a removable means like a DVD or a USB. Yet, you need to have a licensed copy of Windows 10 pre-installed on your Personal Computer. The tool gives you a choice to install the files downloaded on your PC as an update to clean installation over ISO files. As we are looking to keep our files and other settings, updating the PC is the finest way to go. The tool can be downloaded freely from Microsoft’s website and is so simple to use.

Note: You should have a USB flash drive plowed in your computer. Remember that this procedure will remove all other data before downloading the file on flash drive, so have a backup of present data on the flash drive.

1.First, download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s official website. It is accessible for free and about 18MB. Now, install it on a PC with the internet connection. You should have Administrator access on the PC you are copying the files. Then, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the Media Creation Tool before continuing.


2.After the installation, you will be probed to “Upgrade this PC now” or “Create installation media for another PC”. Select the “Create installation media for another PC” and then click “Next”.


3.You need to select the language, architecture, and edition of the Windows 10 you wish to download. Now, click on “Next” after selecting the option.


4.Now, you will be given an option to select the media for downloading the files. If you make use of a USB flash drive, make sure that it has a volume of at least 8 GB. Or you can craft an ISO file so that you can move to a DVD later. Normally, the “USB flash drive” option is so fast to download as well as install. Then click “Next” after choosing the USB option.


5.Now, you will see the download screen with the proportion of files downloaded on the PC. Wait till the downloading reaches to 100%.


6.Once you finished, a greeting message comes like– “Your USB Flash Drive is ready”. You can make numerous copies of the downloaded files to additional flash drives.


Plug-in the USB to your Windows 10 computer and now open the folder in the drive and choose the “Setup” file to begin the installer. After opening it, now select the “Install updates now” option and now, Windows will start installing the latest updates. Wait for the installation to finish and you are on the latest version of Windows 10.

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