Wednesday , March 27 2019

Incredible New Products announced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared new Microsofts Products like Skype Lite and Sangam. He briefed how it will be different from its previous versions.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared the new products designed for India, and, significantly made in India — a powerful move by the company to extend its legacy beyond the traditional Windows and Microsoft Office users and build a remarkable reputation in the country.

A lighter version of Skype video and voice calling app are the new products amongst the numerous other products This is an appreciative move considering the larger section of Indians who use mid-range and low-end smartphones, and a skilling-cum-job search/employing platform for low-skilled people in India. The products also work with Aadhaar card verification, allowing an extensive reach.

The new lighter version of Skype is called Skype Lite and is built in collaboration with Microsoft’s Development Centre in Hyderabad. This can to some extent considered as a challenge the prevalent WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps. It occupies over a third of the storage space of the original Skype and uses very fewer data. It also has many distinct features which are not there even in the best version.

Skype Lite requires only 13 MB of storage space, unlike the older version which needed 36 MB of space. It recognizes cellular network and Wi-Fi, and hence consumes less data for the former.

The app also incorporates mobile calling and SMS feature for skype calls, messages and contacts together with your mobile calls, SMSes and contacts, which permits you to do everything with a single app. The messaging part also has `promotions’ section that logically isolates advertising messages so that these don’t mix up with other messages.
Microsoft uses its machine learning, natural language processing, and image recognition tools for hosting bots in the Skype which can help you buy train or air tickets, fetch weather data or cricket match scores. The Andhra Pradesh Transport Authority has made a bot for providing transport information.
Skype Lite is said to be available in seven Indian languages. Instead of using multiple communication apps, this can be one app for many languages and it permits International video calling. It was built 14 years ago for PC now it is more seen in mobile. With the introduction of Skype Lite, it will increase even reaching to a broader audience who use low-end smartphones.

Skype was built 14 years ago for the PC, for high-speed internet connections. Now it is used more on the mobile. Skype Lite is an effort to cater to the vastly broader audience of low-end smartphones.
Another incredible product launched is “Sangam” which allows employers to reach out to the talent pool in remote locations. Companies which wants to hire, say, hospitality, retail or construction staff, can upload their job requirements in Sangam which becomes a bridge to connect the trained talent pool and employers.
Anil Bhansali, MD (R&D), Microsoft India, says while LinkedIn is for white-collar professionals, Sangam is targetted at the mass of India’s low-skilled population. Currently, a lot of such skill up gradation happens through the National Skill Development Corporation’s partners, who establish training centers and have to expend resources to get candidates.


Sangam also has a feature for remote learning through Skype, which is also integrated into the platform. With the help of Aadhaar authentication, Candidates can avail the opportunity.

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