Tuesday , March 26 2019

I’m not here to cut ribbons and light inaugural lamps: Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi stated that it was his government’s effort to strengthen the hands of the honest and law-abiding citizens.


Dehradun/New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Tuesday that his fight against black money and corruption would only increase despite intense pressures from the powerful, as he was not voted to power to “cut ribbons and light inaugural lamps.”

His comments came on a day when a divided Opposition intensified its attack on him, stating a cash crisis and accompanying chaos continued to cripple the country.

“Didn’t you give me the enormous mandate in 2014 to combat and end corruption? Shouldn’t we fight the evil with all our might? Some people are sad when I act as the nation’s chowkidaar,” he stated while addressing a rally in poll-bound Uttarakhand’s Dehradun after inaugurating a highway project.

Declaring that the country suffered due to both “kaala dhan” and “kaala mann”, Mr Modi stated that it was his government’s effort to strengthen the hands of the honest and law-abiding citizens.

The PM’s outburst also came hours after BSP supremo Mayawati while preserving her party’s suspect bank deposits, accused the ruling BJP of mishandling power to malign her image.

We are working for the poor: Narendra Modi

Targeting parties opposed to the arguing of high-value notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that some people were sad as his decision had struck the “ring leader of thieves”.

“In some, corruption is in their blood. They tried to convert their black money and assumed Modi wouldn’t see. But we knew, and now they are being caught. After demonetisation, black money kept in cupboards and preserved under mattresses is now coming to banks and to the people,” he stated referring to various raids by law enforcement agencies on black money hoarders.

He agreed that people faced a lot of trouble, but proclaimed that they also helped him in the “safaai abhiyan”. “The corrupt and black money hoarders are being punished. Fake notes, terrorism, human trafficking and drug mafia were all dealt with in one stroke after demonetisation,” he stated.

People continue to crawl for cash after PM Modi’s statement on November 8 to scrap Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes. He had promised to restore normalcy in 50 days, but queues have stayed outside low-on-cash banks and ATM Machines.

Hitting back at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s charge of helping big corporates and the rich, Mr Modi stated that his government was focused on working for the poor.

“India, which used to be called the ‘bird of gold’, has been robbed by its very own people. It is now high time for us to fight for the honest,” he stated.

The PM requested to the people of Uttarakhand to vote for a BJP government in the state in the 2017 state assembly polls.

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