Friday , December 14 2018

I will not quite movies and Hollywood: Michael sheen


Actor Michael sheen said that, he will stay in Hollywood and continue in movies.

The ‘passengers’ actor Michael sheen clarified on the rumours of leaving Hollywood and movies

The ‘passengers’ actor Michael sheen clarified on the rumours of leaving Hollywood and movies, he was recently interviewed by English daily, and he was asked about politics in the interview, he answered that “once I’m in, I’m fully in, and this is big”, and this was understood in different way, soon other newspapers started news on Michael leaving Hollywood and he was going into politics, so reacting to these news, Michael sheen responded through a popular social media.

Michael sheen had stated clearly “I did not declare that I’m quitting Hollywood and leaving movies, to go into politics”, and this news were declaring that, Michael sheen was not quitting movies, and he was not interested in moving completely towards politics, and he will be doing many movies like he made his excellence in ‘passengers’ movie, so his political entry rumours got clarified with his single line statement.

Michael sheen the 47 years old actor was keen in clarifying this type of rumours, that might affect his career in Hollywood, so he made it all clarified about his quit in movies was not going to happen, and he was in the plan to make much more roles in Hollywood. And English daily’s interview made him mischaracterized in the interview, so he thought of giving a conclusion on the news created on his quitting Hollywood, and he made his social media network as the best one to make clarification, to all the spreading rumours, sheen was so particular about this rumor, that was all about leaving his acting career, and he thought of correcting the misleading news in public about his career. Though Michael sheen was a political activist, he was not leaving his career in acting, as he was trained in the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).


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