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I don’t know how Aryan reacts to me romancing on screen: SRK

SRK talks about pictures, family and why dimples dip his acting.

SRK talks about pictures, family and why dimples dip his acting.


At the age of 51, Shah Rukh Khan endures to dominate showbiz in India, and how. Bollywood’s favorite romantic hero, King Khan, who has been in the movie industry for above 25 years, can still be seen dating actresses. The hero, who’s presently excited for the release of Raees, opposite Mahira Khan, on 25 January, sits down for a cool chat.

Aryan is a grown up boy now. How does he react to you romancing actresses onscreen?
Seriously, I don’t know how he responds to me romancing heroines, just like he doesn’t know how I respond to him romancing girls (smiles). Aryan and his friends have a diverse take on life. They are nice to think that I’m ready to hang out with them. But I have not asked Aryan what his likes and dislikes concerning my roles, since it doesn’t matter on-screen.

Does Aryan see all your movies? Does he deliver inputs or suggestions, and do you take his ideas seriously?

Aryan is learning to be a director. I made him lookout Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, but he didn’t find it as hilarious as I. The humour has altered with time, and it’s good to know the youth’s viewpoint. He makes movies now — typically short films. Occasionally I have to be balanced and tell him that I didn’t like a specific movie. As far as proposals from my kids go, I don’t take any of their ideas and incorporate it in my movies, simply as they are my children.

What encouraged you to choose a movie like Raees?

I chose for this role as it’s a well-written script that gives the charm a sense of self-esteem in spite of his flaws. The role chooses to do the erroneous thing, but takes accountability for all his actions though he could overlook doing so.

You are a more commercially feasible actor, but Rahul Dholakia is notorious to make intense, realistic movies. What went in your mind when you were given such a serious character in Raees?

A movie selects its own artist. Yes, I’m more of a commercial based actor. Some of my solemn movies such as Swades, Chak De India, and Paheli might not have worked since I’m not thought of as a thoughtful actor. But I am an enormously serious artist with a dimple. My dimple really screwed up my staid performances. Without my dimple, you would think I am Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Do you consider it has become difficult for actors to speak on matters and that they have to pay a hefty price for what they say?

If you have certain things in mind, I think you should say it on a platform that is pertinent. One needs to be cautious about the platforms they selected to speak on. Voicing thoughts on social media appears like a good idea, till everyone picks on it and blows it out of fraction. Today, nobody is active; everyone is reactive.

AbRam hangs out on sets

Mehboob studios has a new visitor all these days — AbRam Khan. Shah Rukh Khan has been arresting a fine balance amid playing daddy and actor by having his son AbRam over throughout his shoots. The toddler deceptively has been keeping his dad company in his pride van at Mehboob studio which occurs to be very close to their house Mannat in Bandra.


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