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Shah Rukh Khan-I am not interested in Politics

Shah Rukh Khan had been shown challenging the elections in his newly released hit movie, ‘Raees’.


Mumbai: Raees’ consists the 51-years-old hero as a bootlegger in Gujarat whose commercial is defied and finally saddened by a police officer, played by the hero Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

When inquired if, like his role in the newly released hit crime-thriller, he would be open to coming into politics, Shah Rukh Khan said he would rather be a hero than anybody else.

“I can do acting but I can’t do politics. If, I start politics, then jaan hi nikal jayegi meri toh. I don’t know that profession, nor do I desire to do it, I am not allied with it and I don’t want to,” he told.

Shah Rukh was talking at the triumph bash of the movie here last night. He was joined by the movie’s cast, counting Nawazuddin and Sunny Leone.

The ‘Fan’ actor poured admiration on Leone and said that however, he wears a stern expression all through ‘Laila O Laila’ song, he actually wanted to dance with the Sunny.

“We just wish to say that we love her, she is weird. All of us ought you to be in that song and we love the point that you were a share of it,” he told Sunny.

“My main problem was I was stern in the song. I was about to distress somebody and all this while I was like ‘forget that, I want to hop on Laila Main Laila. We can combat later but I wish to dance with Sunny’,” he said.The Rahul Dholakia directed film also became the talking point for the entry sequence of Nawazuddin, who is introduced doing a Michael Jackson dance step.

On being questioned about the scene, the ‘Haramkhor’ hero said, “I didn’t discern it would be on a song. They had made me practice a lot, simply then I could do those steps.”

Nawaz and Shah Rukh later danced on the song and did a few steps from latter’s starting scenes.



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