Monday , March 25 2019

Hyundai reveals electric car with 800+km per charge


Hyundai revealed a near production system of its new fuel cell SUV with a variety of 800+km.


Seoul: Hyundai Motor Co stated on Thursday it will unveil a long-range electric car with a driving choice of 500 km (311 miles) per charge next 2021, looking for addressing investor concerns that it is covering rivals in the green car race.

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Hyundai affiliated to Kia Motors Corp that together rank 5th in worldwide vehicle sales, also stated they are scheduling 31 eco-friendly models by the year 2020, up from a formerly flagged 28. The new accompaniments comprise three plug-in hybrid vehicles that come on top of 8 battery-powered cars and 2 fuel-cell vehicles.

Battery-powered cars presented by the likes of Tesla are attaining traction faster than fuel cell vehicles funded by Hyundai and Toyota Motor Corporation. The previous year, Hyundai had launched its first mass-market unpolluted electric car IONIQ, but the vehicle’s driving range per charge is much shorter than contributions from GM and Tesla.

The automaker stated that will present an electric version of its Kona small sports utility vehicle (SUV) with a range of 390 km in the first half of resulting year. It also set a Reuters report that it is emerging its first devoted electric vehicle platform that will let the company yield numerous models with elongated driving ranges.

Hyundai revealed a near production form of its new petrol cell SUV with a driving choice of more than 800 km per charge in European standards, almost double the 415 km for its present Tucson fuel cell SUV. The mid-sized SUV will be hurled in Korea next year, trailed by European and U.S. markets.

A fuel cell electric bus is planned to be revealed late this year, whereas a sedan-type fuel cell car is also intended.

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Hyundai reveals electric car with 800+km per charge
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