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Hyper Movie Review

Hyper movie brought down the hopes of all Ram fans.


Cast: Ram, Raashi Khanna, Sathyaraj, Murali Sharma, Rao Ramesh.

Director: Santosh Srinivas

Surya (Ram) falls for love with Bhanumathi (Raashi Khanna) merely because his dad, Narayana Murthy (Sathyaraj), considers that she will be a worthy daughter-in-law. Surya doesn’t see how Bhanumathi appears as he has looked only her back. Usually people say, “Love is blind,” that is what they possibly mean. Deprived of having an impression of what Bhanumathi appears like, Surya rambles around the city with his friends to see the lady his father has talked highly of. This says the level of love he has for his dad.

Creating a movie on the father– son affiliation is not completely a bad plotline. Nannaku Prematho that released previously this year built a constructing of respect for movies of such possibility. Then, Hyper takes a long route to effort a brittle show home, and that’s where dullness sets in.

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Sathyaraj performs the character of a truthful government worker who doesn’t shred words when it comes to his strategies. Though, if a Minister (Rao Ramesh) inquires Murthy to sign the document that will permit him to come up with a shopping mall in the center of the town, Murthy won’t stretch in. The middle-class government worker has clearly ruffled the selfish Minister’s quills.

Hyper provides space for Ram to do nearly every scene with excessive loudness. It carries to mind many Balakrishna movies where his punch dialogues are adequate to send the viewers into a hyper-active style of whistling and laughing. Dialogues that don’t give any weight make their mode into Hyper. Whereas the silver lining of a masala film if the appearances are all punch-less?

Sathyaraj is a key supporting actor in Telugu movies. The role he plays in Hyper is strictly connected to the one he performed in Brahmotsavam. If it was closeness that put Sathyaraj’s role on a base, it is morality in Hyper. Rao Ramesh brings a vibrant winner with his depiction of a wicked Minister. However, we are used to his choice now; he keeps dragging one rabbit after other from his cap. It is hard to envisage some other actor in his shoes. Murali Sharma of Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha rises in Hyper. This time, though, he’s a little less silly.

The pretty lady, Raashi Khanna, does not anything but pack her heart in a pretty box called love and guide it to Ram. Her persistence is to help the needs of songs, and drive imbecility in the name of virtue (she offers Rs. 10,000 to a stranger after heeding to a dumb story. The stranger ensues to be the hero, but that’s a quarrel reserved for other day).

The capacity in the title is positively present in the movie, yet the twisting streams of ludicrousness are too many to make this a worthy one.


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