Thursday , February 21 2019

Hyderabad’s mar kets are most accident prone

Osmania University research makes ‘mishap map’ of notorious regions.

The International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering, and Technology has published the study by the OU Civil Engineering Department in its 2017 January edition.

Hyderabad: Geographic Information System-based training by the transport engineers of OU in Cyberabad have publicized that 66 per cent of road accident happen in busy market regions that have a commercial establishment and that most of the mishaps are multi-factor events. The study says there are fewer accidents in non-commercial and residential areas.

The study also found that drunken driving, mechanical failures, overtaking, poor illumination, rash driving, asleep at the wheel and negligent highway crossing by foot-travelers were the leading causes of accidents in the city.

Though car driver is responsible for a majority of mishaps, other reasons included bad road conditions, road engineering, road traffic flow characteristics, the behaviour of foot-travelers and two-wheeler riders, the absence of traffic signs and policemen.

Engineering and Technology the International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, has issued the study by the OU Civil Engineering Department in its 2017 January edition.

Prof Molugaram Kumar of the civil engineering sector of OU said regions such as Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Uppal, Medchal, LB Nagar and Shamshabad, with busy marketplaces and commercial zones, reported the maximum number of accidents.

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“We have used spatial information which is made by scanning maps from Review of India or through satellite data. We have also collected road accident data from road traffic police stations from the previous four years. The computation has remained using the spatial relationship among traffic mishaps and road network basics. Maps are also made with GPS data and likened for accuracy with traditional mishap records. This effort will show how GPS and GIS combine to give perfect black spot identification, rather than relying on expected data for the location,” the professor said.

Prof Kumar utters accidents and fatalities can be reduced by requiring proper traffic control devices. “Any technology for bringing down mishaps will depend on the analysis of traffic accident registers at a given location,” he said.

Lack of signage, trees, and foliage that hide foot-travelers from the view of car user, an incorrect design of pedestrian crossings, median beginnings at several places, and poor enforcement of traffic guidelines are areas that seriously need to be looked into, according to the researchers.

“But the data required for such an analysis is not all the time available. Most of the information in police records is incomplete and not useful to the entire extent,” he added.


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