Tuesday , January 22 2019

Hyderabad: Woman accuses husband of fraud and bigamy

Saraswathi said her hubby Pankaj Lal Sukhia hidden his first marriage, married her, and later dumped her later taking her money.


Hyderabad: A 46-year-old housewife from Malkajgiri supposed that she was cheated by her husband who copied her signature and withdrew deposits from her bank financial records.Saraswathi supposed her husband Pankaj Lal Sukhia hidden his first marriage, married her and later dumped her after taking her money. She filed a complaint by the police and a cheating case was filed. She supposed that cops and her advocate colluded with her other half and are trying to protect him.

Saraswathi supposed that while she was working at an accounting firm, Pankaj, who was a customer of the firm, became friendly and they got wedded in 2001. A few years after, he made her file I-T returns and spending that, he made her take around Rs 14 lakh as lends from banks.

She said that even though the loans were in her name Pankaj used the cash. Saraswathi alleged she took credit cards from dissimilar banks which Pankaj used. He also broke FDs rate Rs 5.25 lakh and traded gold jewellery rate Rs 1.25 lakh.

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“In 2010 I came to recognize that he was wedded before marrying me and had another family in Kavadiguda. I told him to leave me but he alleged that he will clear all her loans and take care of me, however he cheated me,” she alleged.

She utters that later her elder sister’s family lured Pankaj. “To keep him in their control my sister prepared her daughter have sex with him. A case was also recorded. But he is manipulating cops and advocates. Nobody is on my side. Even my own family members and my advocate are also with him,” Saraswathi supposed.

Police registered the case and was charge-sheeted and is under trial in law court.

“We did our responsibility. Currently it’s in court. So we cannot give statement on it. The law court will decide further course of act in this case,” police officers from Malkajgiri police station said.

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